Alona Gardens provides a range of Winter Garden Maintenance Services in Dorset

Getting out and about in the garden during wintertime can be tough going. However, there is a much warmer and easier solution! 

Alona Gardens will carry out a range of vital services during the winter months, which will give your garden the love and support it deserves. 

From leaf clearing to laying salt on your paths to prevent a nasty accident, we are on hand and ready and waiting to help. 

  • Leaf clearing (prevent slips and moss)
  • Aerating (improve drainage)
  • Scarifying (removing dead organic matter)
  • Top Dressing (improve lawn health)
  • Pest control (remove chafer and leatherjackets)
  • Disease Control (treat fungicidal growth)
  • Weed & Feed (winter booster)
  • Weed removal (ready for spring!)
  • Moss removal (reduce moisture retention)
  • Pruning back (plants are dormant)
  • Loping (getting rid of dead wood to prevent disease)
  • Salt spreading (keeping you safe!)

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