Why Is My Lawn Patchy?

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Why is my lawn patchy?

A patchy lawn can indicate a number issues.

Starting with the basics, it could be due to compaction, and if so, will need Aerating to get oxygen back in to the soil and relieve compaction as well as improve drainage. All living organisms need oxygen and beneficial microorganisms within the soil are no exception.

Another cause for patchy lawns in Blandford Forum Dorset could be due to the grass being in a shady area and doesn’t get enough sunlight, or becomes too boggy.a

Ptchy lawns could also be due to moss. In this case the lawn will require scarifying to remove the moss as it will hold too much water and suffocate the roots of the grass.

The lawn could be patchy due to Leather jackets (Krane Fly Lava) that feed on decaying matter in the soil including old grass and thatch. It could also be Chafer Grubs (Chafer beetle) which can take over a lawn rather quickly if not treated. A simple test is to grab some grass in the effected area and give it a tug, if a patch comes free from the soil it’s likely to mean the roots have been devoured by the grubs.

In some cases it could be fungi or anthrachnose, a fungal disease which kills off the grass roots.

Finally, patchy lawns could also be due to stress, lack of water, too much water, sun scorch or even lack of nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphates.

One solution is to use a specific formula of organic or biological feed, which is kinder to wildlife, the environment and animals. It not only provides essential nutrients for the grass but it also creates an unpleasant habitat for grubs and fungicides.

Caring for your lawn correctly with a regular twice yearly maintenance programme , such as Aerating and scarifying, followed by overseeding and top dressing, provides the perfect environment for grass to perform at its best and it will produce a healthy vibrant lawn.

It is best to have a treatment of lawn scarification carried out during late springtime months when the grass is coming out of its dormant state. This also reduces the stress on the grass and reduces the risk of leaving the grass susceptible to disease.

For best results, a light application of seed is then applied followed by top dressing (fine compost).

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