What Does Overseeding A Lawn Mean?

Overseeding & Top Dressing of Lawns in DORSET

What Does Overseeding A Lawn Mean?

Overseeding a lawn simply means adding seed to an existing lawn to improve vigour and fill in patchy or dead areas of grass.

This task is undertaken typically during late spring, when the grass comes out of dormancy and begins to grow rapidly once again.

However, Overseeding a lawn can be carried out at anytime through the growing season, typically from April until September.

Overseeding a lawn is often carried out when the look looks patchy or sparse, the seeds will germinate with the intention of filling in areas where the grass is patchy. It also replenishes the lawn with new growth and can revitalise an old or worn out lawn.

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What’s the lifespan of grass? 

Grass has a life span of around 6 – 8 years assuming it’s a perennial type, whereas annual grass seed will only last a year.

Some companies have been known to use annual grass mixed with perennial grass mixes, subsequently, this causes patchy areas where the annual grass dies off. The reason for this is cost, as annual grass seed is cheaper.

When Overseeding, its important to choose the right grade and spec of grass for your lawn. If the lawn is shady for example you’ll want to choose a grass suitable for such areas. It may be that you have a waterlogged lawn, or a lawn that experiences heavy use from family and pets.

A good lawn care technician will ascertain the best grade of grass for your lawn to establish and maintain a healthy lawn fit for purpose.

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How Do You Overseed A Lawn? 

The correct and most successful method for Overseeding a lawn is without doubt to ensure that the correct preparation is carried out beforehand.

The first step to ensure successful Overseeding of a lawn is to Mow the lawn with a quality mower and ensure the blade is well serviced and sharp. Using the lowest setting on the mower we want to take the grass back as far as we can without damaging the surface.

Next job is to scarify, which, rakes all the moss and thatch (dead grass and organic matter) from the surface of the soil and between the grass. This improves drainage, reduces disease and pests and allows air and light to access the soil.

Once the moss and thatch has been rakes up and removed, you could simply apply the seed in an evening spread using a seed apllicator and then add the top dressing.

The top dressing should be applied using a Landzie Compost Spreader for even coverage. Not only does this coat the seed and provide the optimum environment in which the seeds will grow, it will also improve drainage and the health of the soil.

If the soil is compacted, it is wise to carry out aeration treatment on the lawn prior to seeding. This will losen the soil, provide drainage and allow air to enter the soil and roots of the grass.

Once the seed and top soil has been distributed across the lawn, it will need a good watering, and every day, or twice daily for at least two weeks. You can use a sprinkler attachment and garden watering hose timer to make it easier.

Finally, we recommend you treat the lawn to a slow releasing organic fertiliser.

For the first 4 weeks or so, the lawn will look a little “messy” to some, as the lawn will be mostly dark and patchy from top dressing. However, given time, the new seed, top dressing and fertiliser will green up the lawn and provide a boost in growth and new grass will appear, filling out any patches that existed before the lawn treatment.

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It’s best not to Mow the lawn for at least 3 – 4 weeks after and only then use a higher setting than normal. You only want to cut about 1/3rd off the blades of grass to allow it to form side shoots, deeper roots and thicken up.

We also use a treatment of Turfsolv, which is a pet and child friendly solution to preventing pests attacking your lawn. Grubs such as chafer and leather jackets as well as ants can make a real mess of lawns if not controlled.
Turfsolv also greens up the lawn thanks to the seaweed content.

For expert advice on your lawn in the Blandford, Dorset area or towns and villages in the surrounding areas, please get in touch and we’d be happy to provide a free lawn survey and quote.

For now, happy gardening and stay safe.

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