Alona Gardens can resolve your weed problems

Weeds can be troublesome, commonly referred to as undesirable plants they can steal valuable nutrients from ornamental plants, grass and trees. Sometimes, weeds can takeover and cause problems and the only solution is to control them using herbicides. However, Alona Gardens will always try a more ecologically friendlier solution first.

Weeds are approximately 70% water and will usually decompose within 14 days after weed control treatment.

Herbicides are usually best applied during periods of vigorous grass growth – such as spring, summer and late autumn – when weeds are growing well.

Alona Gardens make every effort to control weeds using sustainable and ecologically safe methods.

Many of the commercial-grade weed control chemicals contain highly toxic ingredients and have been linked to illnesses in both humans and animals and insects.

Our methods of controlling weeds include sustainable practices so that we protect wildlife and microorganisms within the soil.

On occasions, we do use chemicals that are more effective and more rapid, when, and if we do, we ensure all necessary precautions and risk assessments are carried out to prevent pets, children or wildlife from being affected.

FAQs About Weeds

Why Do Weeds Grow So Fast?

Weeds compete for nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphates with other plants, they also compete with other plants for water, and sunlight but because they can make use of these resources quickly, they tend to steal them from other plants that are more desirable to us.

The official term states that a weed is a plant growing in an area where it is unwanted. So effectively, any plant could be classed as a weed if it is growing in an undesirable area.

Weeds however are very much like any other plant, they need many resources to survive and will compete with other plants.

Weeds tend to grow faster than most other plants and will therefore obtain nutrients and resources far quicker, meaning they can cause a nuisance especially if you have ornamental flowers nearby as their growth could be affected by the weeds.

On the plus side, weeds are messengers, often they appear when nutrient levels are low within the soil.

The weeds, such as Dandelions, will draw up nutrients deep within the soil using their long tap roots and expel this through their leaves benefiting other plants. Dandelions, for example, are also the first plants to flower in spring and attract bees.

So, sometimes we need to listen and learn from nature and understand what message it is trying to tell us.

It’s likely that the treatment you used is not effective enough.

Many of the retail garden weed solutions are often only temporary solutions and you may find the weeds keep coming back year after year (you may think this is deliberate to provide the manufacturers with recurring profit!).

However, in order to truly rid your lawn of weeds permanently you may need professional weed treatment, which usually requires a trained operative with certification (PA1 Safe Handling & Application of Pesticides & PA6A Hand Held Applicators on Land) to come out and apply commercial grade weed killers in a controlled & safe method.

Alona Gardens are always looking for ways to be sustainable and does its best not to use toxic chemicals within the garden that could cause harm to pets, children, adults, insects and wildlife.

Wildlife in the garden is hugely beneficial so it is vital we encourage it, rather than prevent it or kill it.

Several methods have been tried over the years to eradicate weeds using organic-based products and many have been effective. Ask us about sustainable weed removal.

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