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What Does Overseeding A Lawn Mean?

Overseeding & Top Dressing of Lawns in DORSET

What Does Overseeding A Lawn Mean? Overseeding a lawn simply means adding seed to an existing lawn to improve vigour and fill in patchy or dead areas of grass. This task is undertaken typically during late spring, when the grass comes out of dormancy and begins to grow rapidly once again. However, Overseeding a lawn […]

Why Is My Lawn Patchy?

Scarifying & Aerating Services Blandford Dorset

Why is my lawn patchy? A patchy lawn can indicate a number issues. Starting with the basics, it could be due to compaction, and if so, will need Aerating to get oxygen back in to the soil and relieve compaction as well as improve drainage. All living organisms need oxygen and beneficial microorganisms within the […]