Lawn cutting services 

Alona Gardens provide regular lawn cutting services within a 20-mile radius of Blandford Forum Dorset for both residential clients and commercial clients


We recommend during the summer months that you opt for a weekly grass-cutting service to keep your lawn fresh and healthy. Some lawns may require twice weekly cuts but we can advise on this during our initial free lawn survey and quotation.

We can arrange to visit each week and mow your lawn on your behalf for a very reasonable and fair fee.

During the visit, we will, 

  • Using a professional well serviced and maintained strimmer we create a neat edge around the border of your lawn and clear weeds where possible from pathed areas. We will also carefully and respectfully strim around trees rooted on the lawn, flower beds and furniture or decking
  • Use a well-serviced professional mechanical blower to tidy up the border and remove any grass from paths after strimming the edges. This blows debris such as leaves onto the lawn which will be sucked up and mulched by the mower.
  • We will then check the lawn for any obstacles such as stones, children’s toys, dog bones, etc then mow the lawn using a professional well-serviced mower with a sharp blade (important for grass health and appearance!)
  • All grass cuttings are collected and disposed of in your organic/green waste bin or can be removed and disposed of by us.
  • We may do one final pass with the blower to clean up any grass cuttings that may have been overspilled during mowing.

Optional Extras:

  • Weeding of borders and raking out the dead or fallen organic matter.
  • Laying mulch in the borders or around trees to give them a boost of nutrients for healthy plant(s)
  • Pruning back plants and bushes
  • Hedge trimming
  • Dead wood loping of trees and bushes
  • Lawn care treatments (overseeding, top dressing, fertilisers, weed control, pest control)


    Wonderful and efficient

    I was very pleased to be asked to provide a review of the services I received from Chris and Vicky. They are wonderful people offering a wonderful friendly service, as such, I have asked them to take over the garden duties from my retired gardener.

    Margaret Davies / Child Okeford