Overseeding refers to a method used to add grass seed to the lawn to fill it out, repair patches and provide additional grass to replace dead roots, whereas top dressing is a process that adds a layer of quality topsoil to the lawn to boost nutrients, control drainage, thatch and many other benefits

Overseeding & Top Dressing of Lawns in DORSET

The right mix of topsoil added to the lawn will improve the health of the grass, and drainage, reduce disease and pests and can even maintain weeds.

The benefits of applying a top dressing or using a top dressing service include:

  •  Increase soil aeration
  • Improve surface drainage
  •  Protect newly seeded areas of your lawn
  • Control & reduce the overall build-up of thatch
  • Fill in joists between newly laid turf
  •  Encourage greater rooting
  •  Stimulate grass growth


    The best time to apply a top dressing to the lawn is before spring, however, a top dressing can be applied any time of year as it also adds essential nutrients to the soil which can be beneficial for lawn care over the winter period.

    A good quality top dressing is usually added after scarifying and overseeding to give the lawn a huge improvement. The lawn will look “messy” for a few weeks as the topsoil is laid in a scattered pattern. Once the seed and existing grass begin to push through though, the lawn should look beautiful.

    Top-dressing a lawn should never be underestimated. Combined with scarifying and aerating, it is probably the most beneficial treatment you can offer your lawn, for the nutrients it provides, breathability, drainage and overall long-term health.

    Why not ask us about the organic solutions we offer to improve the health of your lawn?