Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy

Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy

Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy

A bright and vibrant green lawn not only looks healthy, it is healthy.

There’s something very pleasant about having a vibrant green lawn but reaching the stage where you can stand back and appreciate such a delight may take a little time and effort but the results will be worthwhile.

Before we Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy and begin improving the health of your lawn, the most important thing you need to do is to survey the lawn. We need to analyse why the lawn may be patchy, boggy, mossy or has an abundance of thatch, all of which will be indicators as to what we need to do to resolve any issues.

A patchy lawn may be due to fungi, bacteria or pests, such as Chafer grubs or leather jackets. If you tug at a piece of grass and it comes away from the soil with ease, it is a indicator that your lawn may be a habitat for chafer grubs. Birds feeding on your lawn are another sign of chafer grubs. Birds can cause damage by scraping the surface to get at the chafer grubs.

Scarifying & Aerating Services Blandford Dorset

Chafer grubs munch on your grass roots, one of the most common lawn pests causing considerable damage to your lawn. Thankfully there are ways we can try to eradicate this issue with a child and pet friendly solution.

Once the lawn has been assessed and we have an understanding of why the lawns health is suffering we can then begin a process of treatments to Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy.

Lawn Treatments To Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy

Most tired or neglected lawns need a series of treatments to bring the vigor back. Lawns that belong to rented properties or where a house exchange or sale has taken place are the most common lawns to see neglect.

We also attend to lawns belonging to the elderly and due to age and restricted mobility the garden can often become overwhelming, occasionally it becomes neglected. We regularly bring these types of lawns back to life, restoring outdoor spaces for enjoyment and pleasure without the hard work on their part.

First Treatment

Depending on the condition of the lawn we begin a series of treatments to Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy. The first of these treatments to revive a lawn is to scarify the lawn to remove dead organic matter such as thatch, and also to remove moss, which is more common in shaded and damp areas. This is carried out after we cut the grass on a low setting.

Moss can be a problem for lawns because it absorbs nutrients in the soil, stealing them from the grass. Moss acts like a sponge, retaining water, consequently waterlogging of the roots of the grass is common. Moss is also a great medium for fungi to grow which can often damage grass.

Moss and thatch effectively suffocate the soil and in turn preventing nutrients, light and air reaching the grass and its roots. It suffocates the grass and takes over.

By removing moss and thatch, we allow air and light to access where it needs to be to provide healthy grass.

Second Treatment

Once the moss and thatch is removed, we now aerate the soil. Aerating the soil provides oxygen and carbon to enter the roots of the grass, it provides drainage and it loosens compaction.

When we resolve compaction issues in our lawn, the grass roots have the ability to branch out, become stronger and fill in patchy areas.


Third Treatment

Following aeration of the soil, we then overseed. Using a seed spreader, we sprinkle seed across the lawn in an even fashion.

This is then followed by a good quality top dressing, which is rich in NPK nutrients. The choice of top dressing depends on the type of soil you have. For clay and heavy soils, we use a light compost based top dressing to add humus to the soil which will eventually balance out the. density with the help of Worms and microorganisms.

The top dressing is evenly spread over the lawn using a composer spreader, we use a Landzie. This also covers the seeds to give them a better chance and hide them from birds.


It’s important after this stage to add a wetting agent, to prevent the soil drying out. The wetting agent helps retain water/moisture to give the seeds a fighting chance. Remember we removed all that moss (sponge) so we have to add something back for a short period to ensure the moisture stays in the soil.

The last treatment to Make Your Lawn Bright Green & Healthy is a seaweed based fertiliser and biodegradable pesticide that will create an unpleasant environment for chafer grubs and leather jackets, dispersing them from your lawn and causing them to rise to the surface, which then get eaten by birds.

Finally, we water the lawn vigorously and every day thereafter twice a day if possible for 2 weeks or more. A garden hose timer is a good option for this.

At first the lawn will look patchy and in many cases will look worse than before. This is perfectly normal. After 4 – 6 weeks the new grass seed will take and thicken the grass, the chafer grubs will disperse or get eaten by birds (good idea to put a bird feeder in the garden!) and the fertiliser will provide essential nutrients turning the grass a vibrant green.

It is important not to Mow the lawn for 3 weeks to give the new roots chance to dig in.

If all this is too much then give us a call or fill in the form on our contact page and we will happily provide a free quote.

Alternatively if you know the size of your lawn (sqm) then send it across with an picture and we can provide a preliminary quote remotely.


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