Alona Gardens provide a complete lawn care service in and around the Blandford Forum areas.

Covering North Dorset, Sturminster Marshall, Spetisbury, Wimborne and surrounding villages, we offer a complete solution to keeping your lawn looking fresh and tidy.

From regular lawn mowing, lawn care packages or strimming and leaf collecting, we can do the hard work so you spend more time enjoying and relaxing. Whether it’s due to mobility, lack of time or not having the equipment, we can help. 

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    Lawn Care Seasonal Services

    Early springtime is a very important time in the year for caring for lawns and giving them a good start to the year’s end it is the most important time of the year for lawn care!

    Throughout the springtime, excess moisture builds up in your lawn, often this can lead to the lawn becoming cloggy and oversaturated. This is why at this time of year it is important to deal with this before your lawn responds to it and begins to grow vigorously. Without the right nutrients, the lawn will struggle and signs of this may begin to show with areas that become patchy, dull, or weaker than other areas. 

    During the springtime, we offer to provide a range of services such as, 

    • Aerating the soil
      This is where we use a mechanised machine fitted with spikes that either puncture the soil or remove a core approx. 1″ – 2″ long so that it improves the drainage of the soil, reduces compaction and allows nutrients to enter the soil as well as providing oxygen to the soil.
    • Scarifying
      This is another process often carried out using mechanised machinery for efficiency. Sometimes, it is carried out by hand depending on the size of the area. Scarifying the lawn vigorously rakes moss and thatch (dead grass). 
    • Overseeding
      When we overseed a lawn, we are adding grass seed to fill in areas of dead or diseased grass. Overseeding must be carried out at the right time of year and carried out correctly to achieve the best results. 
    • Top Dressing
      Top dressing is important and provides nutrients to the soil. When top dressing we use either quality topsoil or compost which is then raked in or rolled onto the lawn using a compost spreader. 
    • Fertiliser Treatment & Weed Control 
      Spring is the ideal time to add fertiliser and weed control treatments so that we can catch them before they spring into action!
    • Lawn Pest Control
      We use TurfSolv which is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% safe for children, pets and wildlife. It is excellent at controlling ants, Chaffer grubs and Leatherjackets whilst at the same time providing your lawn with essential nutrients. 
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    During the summer your lawn will grow rapidly so it’s important to keep on top of it and control weeds or pests that can quickly spread of control.

    Grass through the summer months should be cut once or twice weekly to keep it healthy and produce new grass for a fuller and healthier lawn. 

    It is important to keep an eye on any grubs or pests, which, if left untreated can ruin a lawn in weeks or months. The most common to look out for are Chafer Grubs, Ants and Leatherjackets. We also need to be aware of Miner Bees, although they can be beneficial by aerating the soil. 


    Alona Gardens use a solution to control chafer grubs in and around the Blandford Forum, Dorset area by using a solution that is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% safe for children, pets and wildlife.

    Garden Maintenance in Blandford Forum Dorset

    Autumn is another important time of year for lawns and gardens and it is often when we are at our busiest preparing lawns for the winter season as well as providing essential services and treatments in order to ensure your lawn looks great in the spring. 

    During the Autumn months, the weather can be tough on lawns. Damp, wet and cold conditions can all become a breeding ground for diseases. 

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    Winter is a tough time for gardens, the cold and damp wet weather can certainly take its toll on lawns. During this time of year, there is still plenty to be done in the garden to ensure a successful garden in springtime. 

    Moss thrives in damp conditions, and the winter weather makes it difficult for a lawn to stay dry. Moss can quickly take over the lawn if you let it, suffocating it and stealing all the nutrients.

    our winter lawn treatment service is specifically designed to keep seasonal issues at bay, and your lawn healthy and strong. 

    Lawns can benefit from the following treatments,

    • Winter weed and feed
    • Insect & pest control 
    • Disease protection
    • Aerating 
    • Scarifying
    • Mulching
    • Moss control 
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