It’s easy to set up a hobby gardening business and charge pocket money prices, but for those of us who need to earn a living from gardening and feed our families, paying all our bills and running costs means we have to ensure that to maintain a professional, efficient and reliable service and protect the general public we must have insurances and certification in place.

This reassures you that in the unlikely event, something goes wrong, you know we have cover in place to resolve it. 

We strive to offer a professional, competitive, reliable and efficient service.

This is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to safety

Chris & Vicky have undergone training in many aspects of garden maintenance. They are proud holders of Permaculture Design Certificates (qualified permaculture consultants) and have studied for a Higher Diploma in Garden Maintenance, as well as Soil Management.

In addition, they hold liability insurance in the unlikely event anything should go wrong.

Furthermore, in accordance with legislation, Alona Gardens also hold PA1 and PA6A Pesticide Certification for the safe use of pesticides, assuring you we have the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to use potentially harmful chemicals in a garden environment, something many hobby gardeners don’t possess.

If you find for some reason that our prices are out of budget, before considering instructing someone with no insurance or credentials, it pays to talk to us, we are human and on occasions we understand some people need a little helping hand. 

for more details or information please get in touch