Hedge Cutting in Blandford Forum Dorset

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Hedge Cutting in Blandford Forum Dorset

Alona Gardens Hedge cutting service offers a trimming or pruning of hedges service in Blandford Forum and surrounding areas.

Hedge cutting and pruning is a service that involves cutting rows or groups of shrubs or bushes that are planted together to form a boundary, fence or screen.

Our hedge cutting is a service offered by Alona Gardens in Blandford and usually carried out annually or twice annually to maintain the shape and size of your hedge or bush to promote healthy growth, and prevent the hedge or bush from becoming too thick or overgrown.

Hedge cutting can be done using manual tools such as shears, electric or mechanical petrol-powered hedge trimmers. It is important to prune hedges regularly to keep them looking neat and tidy, and to prevent them from becoming a safety hazard or a nuisance to neighbors.

Some countries, such as the UK have regulations around when and how hedges can be cut, so it’s important to check with us first as we don’t cut hedges if birds are nesting in the hedges or bushes.

Hedge cutting must follow strict guidelines if birds are nesting within the bushes or hedges to be cut. Failure to adhere to such rules is an offence and offenders can be prosecuted.

It is important to ensure that the company carrying out the hedge cutting in Blandford Forum Dorset are aware of this regulation to prevent disturbing the birds and avoid prosecution.

Hedge trimming is often carried out using a specialist ladder called a tripod ladder, which is a lightweight but strong aluminium ladder section and singular stabiliser to allow better access.

The machines used to carry out hedge cutting services in Blandford Forum are usually long length hedge shears or hedge cutters and long reach hedge cutters. Alona Gardens use petrol powered trimmer for efficiency and safety.

240v Electric hedge trimmers with a cable can be unsafe and restrict movement for the user. Whereas a cordless electric hedge cutter only provides a limited amount of time before having to change batteries. So, for commercial hedge cutting services, it doesn’t offer a practical solution.

Alona Gardens will, when carrying out hedge cutting for our loyal clients, ensure the following…

• We will advise when best to cut your hedges or bushes.
• We will check to see ensure no birds are nesting in the bushes or hedges.
• We will clear debris and off cuts.
• We will ensure the hedge is Presentable and evenly shaped.
• We will trim out any dead organic matter.
• We will advise on any diseased areas.
• We will clear away organic waste, mulch or shred the waste which is then distributed into the border or base of the hedges to add valuable nutrients to the soil, or use your own green waste disposal facility.
• We will respect your property and your neighbours.
• We may advise your neighbours of when we intend to carry out hedge cutting on your hedge or bushes as a matter of common courtesy.

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